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“For students who are serious, dedicated, and excited about dance, belonging to MDC Company means getting a chance to develop their technique quickly and correctly through intense focus and practice.”

Motion Dance Center, MDC Company is a competitive dance team for dancers age 5 and up.


Our members are accepted through an audition process which includes performing a series of dance combinations for the director and judges, an interview, and a questionnaire that is completed by the applicant and one parent.

The member and both parents are required to sign a contract that commits them to take specified classes and attending specified competitions, workshops, and other events, which starts in June.


Membership is reevaluated each year based on the student’s growth, contribution to the team in the form of his or her commitment, participation, integrity, maturity, respect, and interactions with fellow members, teachers, and the director.

Company members take dance classes and attend rehearsals Monday through Friday (usually 3-4 days a week; schedules vary with all students), with core classes in Ballet, Jazz (Company Technique), Ballroom, Tap, and Contemporary/Lyrical.


MDC Company Minis, petite, junior, teen, and senior teams attend competitions, this year we will start with our first competition Saturday, June 6th.


This is for students who are talented, serious, dedicated, and excited about dance, belonging to MDC Company means getting a chance to develop their technique quickly and correctly through intense focus and practice. With that, their poise, sense of artistry, self-confidence, and self-discipline will also grow.


Belonging to Company also means working well with a team. Good sportsmanship, peer support, polite manners, integrity, and age-appropriate maturity are expected. This positive attitude, combined with hard work and a significant investment of time, results in a strong bond between Company members.

You will form genuine friendships here that will last a lifetime. Additionally, you will develop a deep understanding of commitment and discipline that will prepare you for college and a future career, whether or not that involves dance.


OPEN WORKSHOP FRIDAY, September 10th 2021

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 11th and Private Lesson/Feedback Sunday the 12th. 2021


For the audition, dancers should wear a leotard or dance top with lycra shorts or leggings. Hair should be in a slicked-back ponytail or bun. Boys should wear black pants or shorts and a T-shirt. You may audition in jazz shoes, lyrical shoes or ballet shoes. Please bring Ballroom shoes if you're auditioning for ballroom too.

Dancers will be taught contemporary and jazz combinations to do across the floor. The directors will conduct a brief interview with each applicant and ask them (and one parent) to complete a questionnaire.


Those who try out should not be discouraged if they are not accepted. It just means you aren’t ready yet! Keep working! The directors are highly selective so as to maintain the integrity of the current teams. They will be looking for dancers who demonstrate that they are able to work very hard, take corrections well, and understand and accept the concept of teamwork. As for dance skills, they will be looking for the following:


Minis Dancers ages 5 to 6:

Able to demonstrate some flexibility as well as basic technique including tendus, passé on both sides, chasses on both sides, chaines on both sides, to be able to stay on rhythm with the music, point and flex feet, skip, jump off two feet and have a love for dance!


Petites ages 7 through 9:

Everything listed under Minis, plus able to execute a single pirouette on the right and left side, do battements across the floor, cross ball changes across the floor, and demonstrate clarity of body positions with sharp arms in movement where applicable. Must have a basic knowledge of musicality (knows how to count music)


Juniors ages 10 through 12:

Can execute jazz progressions across the floor including battements, cross ball changes, single and double pique turns as well as chaines. Must be working on grande jete’s, center leaps, axel turns. Loves to perform and smiles in class! Clarity of body positions (sharp arms in movement where applicable).


Teens and Seniors ages 13 through 15:

Able to execute clean pirouettes on the right and left side. Has strong technique and movement dynamics. Must demonstrate clarity of body positions (sharp arms in movement where applicable), Can bring an emotional quality to their dancing and has great stage presence. Displays strong sense of core and abdominal work.


Please RSVP for auditions at Results will be out Tuesday, September 14th.


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