▪ Tuition payments are due on the 1st day of each month. Late fees are added after the 10th.

▪ Tuition fees are monthly based (not weekly), regardless of how many lessons per month. Some months may have 5 lessons and some months may have a holiday.

▪ No tuition adjustments or credits are given for missed classes. Students are welcome to make up classes if possible.


Proper classroom etiquette is essential to the education and training of dancers.

▪ Be prompt. Late arrivals disrupted class and causes late student to miss warm-up

▪ If a student needs to leave before class is over they must ask to be excused by the dancer instructor. Please do so discretely to not disrupt class.

▪ No chewing gum, eating, or drinking is allowed in the studios. No cell phones during class. Water is allowed and recommended to stay hydrated! We also sell cold water bottles at front office.

▪ Always show respect to your dance instructor.

Attention must always be on the dance instructor. 

▪  Be appreciative of corrections and earnestly apply them. 

Be kind to your dace-mates.

▪ Do not leave behind hair pins, water bottles, or clothing

▪ When class is finished, clap and thank the instructor for class.


Dress code promotes focus and a stronger work ethic in class it also allows teachers to clearly see and adjust body placement, position, and alignment.


Dress code basics are available for purchase at Motion Dance Center.

Pre - Dance & Combodance & Tiny Tap

▪ MDC Pink leotard.

▪ Pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes (must be labeled with student name)
▪ Patent leather tap shoes with no laces.
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.

Ballet level 1 & up

▪ MDC Black leotard
▪ Tights – theatrical pink
▪ Ballet shoes – correctly sewn
▪ Hair – in a bun

Jazz/ Lyrical/ Contemporary

▪ Black leotard or dance top
▪ Black form fitted dance shorts or leggings
▪ Bare feet / Jazz shoes
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.

Boys Ballet  


▪ Fitted white or black T-shirt or tank (no baggy)
▪ Fitted shorts or tights 
▪ Dance shorts, leggings or cropped sweat pants above the knee
▪ Black or white ballet shoes
▪ Boys should bring clean socks with them to class

Boys Ballroom 

▪ Fitted white or black T-shirt or tank (no baggy)

▪ Ballroom pants

▪ Ballroom dance shoes



▪ MDC leotard, black form fitted top or camisole dance top
▪ Dance shorts, leggings
▪ Tap SHOES – oxford style, laced up, tap shoe.
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.

Hip Hop

▪ Comfy, easy to move in (tank top, sweats)
▪ CLEAN Sneakers or combat boots
▪ NO BLACK rubber-soled shoes

Shoe Guidelines: If your shoes do not meet our criteria, it’s okay. However, we ask that when purchasing new shoes, please choose within the criteria. Proper shoes will be required for performance.