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Motion Dance Center offers ballroom dance classes for the next generation.

With today's culture of video games, TV and Internet, parents might feel that it is impossible to get the kids off the couch and moving. Nothing is impossible! CATCH THE BALLROOM DANCE FEVER!

Does he/she watch "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Dancing With The Stars" TV shows? Watch BALLROOM DANCE CLASS transform their lives and interests for years to come. Just think off all the benefits that partner dancing can bring to your kiddos: confidence, social etiquette, healthy bodies, team work, and a fun hobby for life!

Come and try our introduction classes, a

great chance to let your child discover the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing! Ballroom Dane Company founded MDC to start offering weekly group classes and private instruction and work closely with parents to create a fun, productive and rewarding experience which allows each child to develop and grow individually. No prior dance experience is necessary! Dance is an exciting way for children to develop important social skills that lead to success both at school and throughout their lives. Stop by today to sign up for one of the many dance programs. Our junior/youth dancesport competition program is all around the country and world. So whether your children are learning to dance for fun or want to compete we have a program to help them achieve their goals.

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