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BDC and Artsbridge came together to give education, action, dance and dialogue.

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“Karen, you helped me re-found my love for dance. It was a process of laughter and tears and I will be grateful, forever.'' Ruby - Boston, Massachusetts.


In three weeks this dance group with amazing young women from around the world developed a beautiful sisterhood, while working with different rhythms, cultures, and growing individuals. Girls who have never stepped on dance floor created beautiful dance pieces for the first time!

Experiences like this are when I can feel validation of the idea that dance unites people and souls across the borders and boundaries we find in our daily lives. My girls will leave to the four corners of the planet, but we’ll be together in love and admiration when we move.

This program was about narrating their lives, and we used those narratives to create dance pieces. Girls who have never stepped on dance floor created beautiful dance pieces for the first time!

These young women challenged themselves by diving into the work, and made the sisterhood a beautiful thing for us all.

The program is about giving Israeli, Palestinian and American teens the opportunity to see each other as human beings, and not as faceless enemies; to provide them with tools to make a positive difference in their lives, and to have a positive impact on their future. Through the use of dance and dialogue, we engage youth in a process that encourages imagination, develops creative thinking, and teaches them how to build constructive partnerships between both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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