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M D C  Q U A L I T Y   I N S T R U C T I O N

Our instructors teach their classes according to a set curriculum with a goal for each child to achieve specific skills by the end of the year.


We evaluate our students based on how well they met a set of criteria by the end of the year and how quickly/easily they progressed.

Teachers fill out evaluations for each student in level 1 classes and above at the end of the Spring season which include recommendations for their next class level. Also, we limit the size of each class so that each student receives adequate, individual attention.



Ballroom Dance Company

1725 E Price Rd,

Brownsville, TX 78521

Phone: 956-509-8794

Motion Dance Center

6115 Edloe St. D

Houston, TX 77005


Phone: 956-312-7388


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